Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment: Where to stay for nightlife
Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment: Where to stay for nightlife

Apartment vs Hostel vs Hotel: Where to stay for nightlife?

There are a lot of things to consider while you’re planning a party trip.

First, you need to pick a destination and book your flight. Then, you’ll need to consider which is the best area to stay for nightlife in the city you choose, according to your budget, transport, safety, and location of the clubs or bars you are hoping to visit.

After you are settled in a city and area, you’ll have to make a tough choice: Accommodation, where should you stay for nightlife?

Depending on the neighborhood and the hotel search engine (we recommend, you could pick between apartments, hostels, hotels, b&b, guest houses and more, so you may feel a little overwhelmed if you happen to be an indecisive person.

On this post, we’ll cover up the differences between apartments, hotels, and hostels, as well as the pros and cons that each one of them has to offer when you’re looking for where to stay for nightlife.

Pros and Cons of Different Accommodation Types for Party Trips

1. Hotels

Where to stay for nightlife – Pros and cons of hotels


Picking a hotel for accommodation allows you to have more privacy for the comedowns, hangovers and to keep the party going with a special guest (if you know what we mean).

You get to have a private bathroom, and (trust us) you shouldn’t take that for granted.

The rooms are, usually, bigger and nicer.

Some of them include breakfast, so, if you manage to wake up before it runs out, you’ll have something to help you recover from a wild night (or weekend) out.

– If you book a fancy hotel, you may also get a concierge, which will come in handy to get taxis or anything you may need before AND after clubbing. Even better, you may get a pool to relax, recharge, and keep partying!


– Because of the amenities they offer, hotels tend to be expensive and not as budget-friendly as other kinds of accommodation, but, of course, it depends on the area and season that you choose to travel, as well as the category of the hotel.

– Since they don’t offer kitchen facilities, you could find yourself spending a lot of money on food if you stay at a hotel, especially if it’s a tourist area. Therefore, you’ll have to either get a local to tell you the cheapest place to eat in the city or to save some of your budget for meals.

– If you’re hoping to make friends and be social, staying at a hotel is, probably, not the best option because you don’t really get to meet people there.

2. Hostels

Benefits of staying at a hostel - Where to stay to party
Benefits of staying at a hostel – Where to stay to party


– The best part about staying in a hostel is that you get to meet people from all over the world, bond, and even party with them afterward.

A majority of hotels offer kitchen facilities, so you can go to the closest supermarket, buy your favorite ingredients and let your inner chef come out and play, which, if done correctly, can also save you some money.

Hostels are budget-friendly. You get to choose between dorms and private rooms, according to your budget, which makes it possible for you to leave a bigger part of your money for partying.

Hostels can book you on tours and fun activities to discover what your party destination has to offer.


– While it is nice to meet people, you may find it annoying to be sobering up from a night of dirty dancing and run into the other guests or hear noises.

– Likewise, having a shared bathroom while dealing with a massive hangover is not ideal, to say the least, but it can always be worse: You AND other guests could be going through it, simultaneously.

– Staying at a hostel, you’ll also have to wait for common areas and the kitchen to be free for use, which can be tricky if you wake up late, for example.

– Although, for the most part, people at hostels are friendly, you may still have to be careful with your possessions while you’re out.

3. Apartments

Apartments – Where to stay for nightlife


– Booking an apartment can give you the best of both worlds: The comfort and privacy of staying at a hotel with the kitchen facilities that a hostel has to offer.

– Unless the contract says otherwise, you can bring as many people over as you want, whenever you feel like it.

– Depending on the size of the apartment, you could also travel with friends and party like animals.

Most apartment complexes are very safe, so you won’t have to worry about your personal items while you’re clubbing.

Apartments can give you that cozy, homey feel that is priceless when you’re recovering from a night out.


Apartments can be expensive, so you’ll have to spend more on accommodation than you’d like to. Therefore, they are possibly a better choice for a long stay than, let’s say, for a weekend of partying.

You don’t get the services of a hotel, and you’ll have to cook your own food all the time (even when you don’t feel like it) unless you ask for a delivery or dine out.

– Similarly to hotels, you don’t really get to meet anyone while staying at an apartment, unless you happen to have friendly neighbors or invite people from the bar.


In the end, choosing where to stay for nightlife is completely up to your personal taste and budget.

If you like getting to know different cultures, staying at a cool hostel, with guests from all over the world, is probably the best option for you.

If you value your privacy and are not afraid to spend a little, in order to be more comfortable, a hotel or an apartment can be right up your alley while looking for where to stay for nightlife.

Just make sure that the place you stay doesn’t kill your vibe and gets you in the mood to party until the sun rises.