Best Areas to Stay in Mexico City for Clubbing

Mexico City is the capital of the country, as well as one of the most visited destinations in Latin America.

This city is located in southern Mexico and it is also the historical, political and economic center of the country.

Mexico City (or CDMX) is a city with an eclectic atmosphere that mixes tourism with business and, of course, a lot of partying.

In this city, you can choose between bars with terraces, clubs, breweries and mezcalerias that offer one of the most iconic drinks in Mexico next to tequila: Mezcal.

If you are looking for the best areas to stay in Mexico City for clubbing, neighborhoods like Reforma have all kinds of entertainment, including the famous “Zona Rosa” with many gay clubs and bars (See hotels in Reforma). On the other hand, Polanco is the best area to stay in Mexico City for nightlife if you want to know the most exclusive clubs in the Mexican capital (See accommodation in Polanco).

Mexico City never sleeps, especially on weekends, so finding public transportation in the middle of the night is not a problem.

However, it is recommended that you explore some areas with caution since it is a huge city, and there are some neighborhoods that, at night, are not exactly safe.

Keep reading for a more specific guide on the best areas to stay in CDMX for clubbing.

The best areas to stay in Mexico City for clubbing

1. Reforma, Colonia Juarez & Zona Rosa

Best area to stay in Mexico City for Clubbing - Reforma
Best area to stay in Mexico City for Clubbing – Reforma

Reforma, Colonia Juarez and the Zona Rosa make one of the most lively places of CDMX.

It is here that the famous Paseo de la Reforma is located, the most important avenue in Mexico City that houses icons such as the Angel of Independence.

In this area, there are nightlife options for all types of public and a wide variety of accommodation that includes luxury hotels, boutique hotels, business hotels and hostels.

Meanwhile, Zona Rosa brings together a large number of bars, restaurants and clubs for the LGBT community, where the party starts very early every weekend.

This district connects with the rest of the city through metrobus, metro or buses. During the night, you can also walk through the area, as it is one of the safest areas to stay in Mexico City to party.

On the other hand, the Paseo de la Reforma area is the scene of different types of shows, concerts and popular celebrations in CDMX.

In addition to places to party, this area has many shops and shopping centers that are the dream of any fashion lover, ideal for spending the afternoon.

Likewise, it is one of the districts with the most varieties of gastronomy in the Mexican capital. Here, you can choose between super cheap and delicious taco stands, fast food chains and high-end restaurants.

Reforma, Colonia Juárez and Zona Rosa are among the best areas to stay in Mexico City for clubbing due to its many accommodation and entertainment options for all tastes.

2. Polanco

Reccommended area to stay in Mexico City for clubbing - Polanco
Reccommended area to stay in Mexico City for clubbing – Polanco

Polanco is one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City and has endless places to visit at any time, including, of course, many nightclubs.

Some of the most popular bars in Mexico City are located in Polanco, including iconic places such as La Santa.

Regardless of the musical taste, in Polanco you can enjoy places dedicated to rock, popular rancheras, urban genres, salsa, pop and electronic music. Therefore, this is one of the best areas to stay in CDMX to party.

Polanco’s terraces and small bars are the best places for early drinks before a great night. Here, you can choose between shots of tequila, mezcal, beer and cocktails and then dancing until dawn.

This district stands out for its exclusivity, so many of its clubs have a strict dress code. Therefore, it is recommended to include a semi-formal or formal outfit when packing if you decide to stay in this area.

Polanco is one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City to go out for being a luxury neighborhood, with incredible hotels and one of the safest neighborhoods to stay in CDMX.

In addition, this area has metro connections.

3. Condesa

Where to stay in Mexico City to party - Condesa
Where to stay in Mexico City to party – Condesa

Condesa is, without a doubt, one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for nightlife.

This area is one of the hipsters neighborhoods of Mexico City par excellence and, therefore, hosts entertainment options aimed at an alternative and bohemian audience.

Here, you can enjoy excellent live music, world-renowned DJs, high-end restaurants and everything you need to have an amazing stay in CDMX.

Among the most popular bars in this area are Limantour, Gin Gin and Poe Speakeasy.

When it comes to sightseeing, Condesa has the Mexico park, with lakes, a theater, Art Deco architecture and public shows during the weekends.

Other places to see in this area are Plaza Condesa, the Basurto Building and the Belle Epoque Culture Center

Most hotels in this area have bars on their terraces, from which you can get incredible views of Mexico City while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

To move to other CDMX neighborhoods from Condesa, you can take the metro at Chapultepec, Colonia Condesa and Juanacatlán stations or use other means of transport such as buses, metrobus, trolleybus and minibus.

4. Centro

Where to stay in Mexico City for clubbing - Centro
Where to stay in Mexico City for clubbing – Centro

The Centro or Old Town is another of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for clubbing.

This neighborhood offers history, folklore and fun for all tastes.

Here, you will find some of the most traditional places of CDMX such as Regina Street, and some entertaining bars like Normandie that are excellent for early drinks.

In addition, due to its historical and cultural importance, this is one of the areas with the best transport connections in Mexico City, making moving to other parts of the city not a complicated task.

Among the attractions that are worth seeing in the Historic Center of Mexico City, you’ll find the Zocalo, the Alameda Central, the imposing Palace of Fine Arts and the Garibaldi Square, to name just a few.

Although the Old Town is not the safest area to stay in Mexico City and caution is recommended when walking through its streets at night, it is home to some of the most typical and traditional cantinas in the city.

Also, here are also some more authentic gay bars than those found in the Zona Rosa.

The accommodation in the Historic Center is very varied, allowing you to choose between some luxury hotels, pensions located in colonial houses, boutique hotels and more.

Where to stay in Mexico City for clubbing: Useful information

The art of fighting a hangover is something that Mexicans mastered, gathering food that compensates for the energy lost after a night of partying.

One of the main rules is that the more you eat, the better. That is why chilaquiles and tacos are very common before and after going out on CDMX. It doesn’t hurt that they are usually very cheap.

If your tolerance for spiciness is low, ask which sauce is “softer” before eating (but be sure it will still be very spicy).

The following means of transport can be used to get around Mexico City: Metro, light rail, suburban train, metrobus, trolleybus, bus, suburban bus and taxis.

To understand Mexico’s lexicon well, here is a small list of the different types of nightclubs that you can find on CDMX:

Bars: These are the ideal places to visit before going to a club, to “get in tune” at the beginning of the night.

Antros: Antros are, for Mexicans, synonymous with clubs. In these places, music is the most important thing, and the main goal is to dance or flirt.

Cantinas: They are traditional Mexican places that deserve to be visited since you can drink and eat at the same time. The more you drink, the more you eat! In addition, some cantinas have so much history that they are half bar and half museum.

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