Best Areas to Stay in Bogota for Clubbing
Best Areas to Stay in Bogota for Clubbing

Best Areas to Stay in Bogota for Clubbing

Bogotá, in addition to being the capital of Colombia, is one of its largest cities along with Medellin, and a very popular tourist destination in the world.

Bogotá is located in the center of Colombia and is a metropolis that has it all, including important universities and museums and great views from the top of a mountain.

Being a point of interest for fashion lovers, businessmen and tourists, the city has a nightlife that can be compared with large cities in Europe and the United States.

When it comes to the areas of Bogota, in the north, you’ll find most of the luxury business, commercial and tourist streets of the city, while the south stands out for being the home of the lower-middle class and, therefore, offers cheaper accommodation and entertainment.

If your main objective when traveling to Bogotá is to go clubbing, places like Chapinero and Zona T house the largest number of bars and clubs in the Colombian capital, while La Candelaria has more authentic and less tourist places, although it is not the safest place to stay in Bogota.

It is important to know that Bogotá has bars and nightclubs for all types of audiences, such as the famous Theatron, one of the largest gay clubs in the world. Therefore, if you visit the city with a group, there will always be something to do, for all tastes.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that public transport in Bogotá revolves around TransMilenio, a rapid transit bus system that runs through most of its areas, so it is convenient to stay near, at least, one of its stations.

Here you will find a guide with the best areas to stay in Bogota for clubbing.

The best areas to stay in Bogota to go clubbing

1. Chapinero

Best areas to stay in Bogota to party - Chapinero
Best areas to stay in Bogota to party – Chapinero

If you’re looking for where to stay in Bogotá to party, there’s no better area than Chapinero.

This huge district is located between the center and the north of the city, housing several upper-middle-class neighborhoods.

Chapinero is famous, among other things, for having the best restaurants, especially in the so-called Zona G or Gourmet Area.

This district is well-connected by public transport, as it has many TransMilenio stations that allow you to move to other places in the city.

It is in this neighborhood that you can find Theatron, one of the most iconic and largest nightclubs in Bogotá, covering almost an entire block with many rooms that play all kinds of music. While it is true that Theatron is LGBT-oriented, it receives many tourists looking to have fun, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Because it is such a large district, Chapinero has a lot of variety in terms of accommodation. Here, you can choose between B&Bs, hostels, luxury and hotels, pensions and more, making it one of the best areas to stay in Bogota for clubbing, regardless of the budget.

Chapinero is also very varied when it comes to partying. Staying in this area puts at your disposal a whole range of possibilities, from clubs where the dress code is strict to hipster bars and fondas where Colombian musical genres such as vallenato reign.

A funny fact is that, regardless of the day of the week, fans of the Colombian soccer team take their work very seriously and do not think twice to support their team in a sports bar in Chapinero.

If you stay here during the football season, don’t be surprised to find the bars in the area full.

Chapinero has so many bars and clubs that it is common to visit more than one venue per night, so try to rest during the day and save energy for the rumba

This is the best area to stay in Bogotá to go clubbing because it is a mostly safe place where you can walk at night, with some affordable accommodation and entertainment options.

Accommodation in Chapinero

2. Zona T

Recommended area to stay in Bogotá to party - Zona T or Zona Rosa
Recommended area to stay in Bogotá to party – Zona T or Zona Rosa

Zona T (also known as Zona Rosa or Pink Area in English) is the most exclusive place in Bogotá, full of hotels, shops, restaurants, luxury clubs, and bars.

While it is true that, technically, Zona T is part of Chapinero, it deserves a special mention among the best areas to stay in Bogotá for clubbing because it hosts a large number of nightclubs, as well as for its unique atmosphere.

Zona T is located between 82nd Street and 13th Street, north of Bogotá, and it is easy to access it through different TransMilenio lines or by taxi.

Although Zona T is mostly known as a shopping area, thanks to its many shopping centers, department stores, and designer boutiques, it is among the best areas to stay in Bogota to party because of all the clubs that are in its perimeter.

In addition, this is one of the safest areas to stay in Bogotá, so you can walk from bar to bar without worrying.

On the other hand, it should be taken into account that accommodation in Bogotá’s Zona T or Zona Rosa is usually expensive since here there are many 4 and 5-star hotels with an almost perfect location in this area, so you will need a bigger budget to stay here.

Accommodation in Zona T

3. La Candelaria

Best areas to stay in Bogota for clubbing - La Candelaria
Best areas to stay in Bogota for clubbing – La Candelaria

La Candelaria is known as the Historic Center of Bogotá and, as such, it brings together most of the city’s tourist attractions.

This neighborhood, with its colonial style, preserves renowned museums, theaters, and pedestrian streets full of craft sales and souvenirs.

When it comes to partying, La Candelaria has to offer some of the oldest and most typical bars in Bogotá, making it an interesting accommodation option.

La Candelaria is one of the best areas to stay in Bogotá for clubbing because it is the heart of the city, with a perfectly central location and transport connections that make visiting other districts an easy task.

In addition, going out in this area allows you to discover a more authentic facet of the nightlife of Bogota, away from the so-called “tourist traps” found in places like Chapinero.

However, it must be taken into account that La Candelaria is not the safest area in Bogotá, so you have to take precautions when moving through its streets, both during the day and night.

Accommodation in La Candelaria

Recommendations for partying in Bogotá

Before clubbing in Bogota, it is advisable to get a good amount of cash, as many cases of cloned cards have been reported in the city and some bars only accept cash.

The most used means of transport in Bogotá are taxis since TransMilenio and buses only work until 11:00 pm and return to services at 4:00 am.

Many clubs and bars have a dress code and you have to pay admission, but there are some promos on Thursdays where you pay for “cover” and, in return, you enjoy open bar services until certain time.

In addition to partying, Bogotá is interesting at any time of the day, with museums and galleries, restaurants and countless shopping centers, so it is a good idea to try to book a couple of days to get to know its attractions, preferably without a hangover.

Colombia is also a country that takes pride in being a great producer and exporter of coffee, so restaurants and coffee shops offer variations of this drink that could surprise expert palates and help you recover some energy after a long night of partying.

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