The Best Areas to Stay in Berlin for Clubbing
The Best Areas to Stay in Berlin for Clubbing

The Best Areas to Stay in Berlin for Clubbing

If there’s a European city that is world known for its party scene, that’s Berlin.

The German capital is one of the cradles of techno music, a music style that has permeated the entire city’s way of life far beyond its clubbing scene.

In Berlin, techno equals culture. Actually, Berghain (considered techno’s cathedral) was officially deemed a cultural landmark by national authorities, a feat that places it at the same level as other famous Berlin monuments such as the Reichstag or TV Tower and only one step below the Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As such, Berlin has become one of the most important party destinations around the world, particularly among techno and electronic music lovers, ravers and people searching for a very liberal clubbing scene.

If you’re planning to have an over-the-top, decadent party weekend of techno, you need to find out where to stay in Berlin for nightlife.

Deciding the best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbing will largely depend on your partying style and your budget. Nightclubs in Berlin are everywhere, especially on its former East Side and the districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

The best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbing

As mentioned above, choosing the right area to stay in Berlin will largely depend on your scene.

Ravers and techno lovers should definitely consider staying in Friedrichshain, the district home to legendary Berghain.

If you’re more into bar-hopping or an alternative scene, then Schlesisches Tor is for you.

Nollendorf Platz, in Schöneberg, is home to most of the LGBT-oriented bars and clubs in town.

Continue reading for a full list of the best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbing according to your scene.

1. Around Warschauer Straße & Friedrichshain

Best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbinbg - Warschauer Strasse
Best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbing – Warschauer Strasse

Warschauer Straße is located in former East Berlin, next to the Spree and the famous Oberbaum bridge.

This formerly industrial area is home to several bars and some of the hottest techno nightclubs.

When you’re not partying, you can spend your hangover walking along the East Side Gallery (the longest still-standing stretch of the Berlin Wall), visiting the flea markets around Boxhangener Platz or relaxing at Volkspark Friedrichshain.

The good news is that, even if “former East Berlin” sounds far, Warschauer Straße is actually quite central and well-connected to the rest of town via U1 and S-Bahn services.

If you end up staying further north, U-Bahn line 5 connects you to Alexanderplatz in a short time.

The best part about staying in Friedrichshain for clubbing is that it offers the best of both worlds; on one hand, you have several cool bars along Warschauer Straße, on the other, you can be really close to several Berlin techno institutions such as Trèsor, Watergate or Berghain itself.

Of course, the fact that Friedrichshain is also home to some of the coolest party hostels and cheap-and-cheerful hotels in town cannot hurt.

2. Kreuzberg District

Best areas to stay in Berlin for partying - Kreuzberg
Best areas to stay in Berlin for partying – Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is located southeast of Berlin’s city center, west of Friedrichshain.

This lively and multicultural area of the German capital has become a hipster hub and one of the best areas to stay in Berlin for clubbing.

Part of its charm lies in its poor-but-sexy attitude, it’s low-key alternative bars and its great Middle Eastern cuisine.

Another excellent Kreuzberg feature is its connectivity to the rest of the city. Several U-Bahn (including U1, U2, U3, U7 and U8) lines cross the neighborhood north to south and east to west.

On its south end, where the districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln meet, lies the area known as Kreuzkölln, one of the alternative hangouts of the city, with hipster bars, shops and restaurants everywhere.

Kreuzberg is also home to some of Berlin’s hottest nightclubs, such as the infamous Kit Kat Club or Watergate.

There are a few smaller areas within Kreuzberg to keep in mind when deciding where to stay for clubbing or partying. First, there’s the Schlesisches Tor area, full of hipster bars, live music venues and restaurants. Secondly, you have the area around Kottbusser Tor Tor another square full of restaurants and hipster bars, as well as a transport hub (this is where U-Bahn lines U1 and U8 meet).

3. Mitte

Where to stay in Berlin for partying - Mitte
Where to stay in Berlin for partying – Mitte

Mitte literally means “middle” in German and is, as expected, the center of Berlin.

Mitte can be considered a milder alternative to the crazy party scene in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

That said, Mitte is a great area to stay in Berlin for travelers wanting to mix clubbing and good-old sightseeing, as this district is home to a huge amount of monuments, museums and attractions.

Another Mitte highlight is its excellent connection to the rest of the city, being in the heart of the city means you can party anywhere in Berlin and be there within 15 minutes.

Some of the attractions in Mitte include Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Museum Island or Checkpoint Charlie.

When it comes to partying, as mentioned above, Mitte offers a more chilled atmosphere and more upmarket options.

That said, the best areas in Mitte for partying are around Alexanderplatz, Rosenthaler Platz and Oranienburger Tor.

4. Schöneberg

Where to stay in Berlin for clubbing - Schöneberg - Berlin's gay area
Where to stay in Berlin for clubbing – Schöneberg – Berlin’s gay area

The Schöneberg district of Berlin has been the German’s capital gay epicenter long before the word “gay” was a thing.

This upscale neighborhood is located in former West Berlin. The area around Nollendorf Platz, on its northern end, concentrates many of the LGBT-oriented bars, nightclubs and shops in the city.

Berlin’s gay district is located not far from Kurfürstendamm, the Tiergarten or Zoologischer Garten station.

Nollendorf Platz is the best area to stay during Berlin’s top gay events, namely Folsom Street Festival, Christopher Street Day (Berlin Gay Pride) and the Lesbian and Gay Festival.

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