10 Things to Do in Madrid With a Hangover
10 Things to Do in Madrid With a Hangover

10 Things to Do in Madrid With a Hangover

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most renowned cities in the world for its cultural movement (with stunning museums such as Reina Sofía or El Prado) and for its nightlife that make it one of the party destinations by excellence.

While it is true that Madrid is buzzing throughout the year, it is especially wild during celebrations such as Christmas or the Orgullo, one of the biggest Gay Pride celebrations in the world, which is held every year from the end of June to the beginning of July.

In addition, Madrid’s party usually runs until late in the morning, so that on the same night you could go for tapas accompanied with beer or wine, then visit a bar, continue in a club (at about 3 in the morning if you don’t want it to be empty) and, if you still have energy, end up having churros with chocolate for breakfast.

However, there is also much to see and do in Madrid during the day, attractions and places that you can not miss, even if you are not in your best state after a long night of partying.

In this article, we’ll show you 10 things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover to restore your spirit and love for this spectacular city quickly.

10 Things to Do in Madrid With a Hangover

1. Grab Something to Eat

Although many lose their appetite when they have a hangover, it is very important to eat well to regain strength, especially taking into account all the calories you lost dancing.

What you choose to eat will depend on your lifestyle, preferences and what you crave at the moment, but, although they may not be the healthiest options, we know that comfort foods with enough fat and carbohydrates are usually what your body desires.

Pizza, kebab, burgers and authentic Indian food restaurants in Lavapies are a good alternative, but, depending on the day and time, they may not be precisely quiet.

What to do in Madrid when you're hungover - Try Indian cuisine in Lavapies
What to do in Madrid when you’re hungover – Try Indian cuisine in Lavapies

Also, although the gastro markets of Madrid are beautiful and have excellent offers, they are usually very noisy and will only increase your headache if you have a hangover.

A better option would be to approach one of the less crowded restaurants in Malasaña or Chueca and ask for a coffee with the food.

2. Walk Around Chueca & Malasaña

If you decide to eat in Malasaña or Chueca, walking through its narrow streets that were the cradle of the Movida Madrileña is a most since, nowadays, they gather some of the coolest shops in Madrid.

Velarde Street in Malasaña, for example, is home to many vintage stores where, if you search well, you can find real treasures that you can add to your closet at good costs.

In Malasaña, there are also markets where you can buy vinyl records, antiques and all kinds of collectables.

On the other hand, Chueca has boutiques and terraces where you can have a good time throughout the entire year.

10 things to do in Madrid with a hangover - Walk through Chueca
10 things to do in Madrid with a hangover – Walk through Chueca

So, if you are a fan of shopping, these neighbourhoods are a more hangover-friendly alternative than stumbling through the department stores of Gran Vía.

Similarly, in Chueca and Malasaña you will find bars, a lot of street art worthy of a post for Instagram, supermarkets and everything you need to make your post-party day more bearable.

These neighbourhoods house a large part of Madrid’s nightlife and offer a totally different experience during the day that you can’t miss.

3. Go to Matadero Madrid

If you like art but you do not feel ready to tour the immense facilities of the National Prado Museum or to be surrounded by people, you can always stop by Matadero Madrid, a cultural venue where art exhibitions and events are a constant, AND usually with free entry.

The interesting thing about this space is that it located in what used to be the old slaughterhouse of the city, something that can still be seen in the architecture of its facilities.

What to do in Madrid when you're hungover - Matadero Madrid
What to do in Madrid when you’re hungover – Matadero Madrid

In addition, Matadero Madrid has a cosy cafeteria and a botanical garden inside an old greenhouse that deserve to be visited.

Note: Make sure there is no bazaar, design market or concert before you go if you are looking to avoid crowds.

4. Visit El Retiro Park

Things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover - Visit the Retiro Park
Things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover – Visit the Retiro Park

If you are not very photosensitive, it is a good day and you love nature, we advise you to go to El Retiro Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

This park, which is also popular with tourists, is large enough to find a corner surrounded by trees where you can picnic or nap if you need it.

If you are someone who thinks that the hangover is fought by drinking again (hair of the dog), El Retiro also has terraces where you can order a beer, wine or the drink of your choice.

Warning: We know that the lake and its boats look lovely, but it might not be the best idea to get on one if you are not in your best physical condition. It is also good to stay away from places like the Crystal Palace that, although incredibly photogenic, are ALWAYS packed.

5. Go to La Tabacalera

In Madrid, it is common to repurpose spaces, and the Tabacalera is another clear example of this trend.

Installed in the old tobacco factory of the city, this art centre, although smaller than Matadero Madrid, is another mandatory stop if you like photography and visual arts.

La Tabacalera has four exhibition halls and a facade with space dedicated to urban art that you will love if you are fond of graffiti, or if you want to see what the street art of Madrid has to offer.

6. Check Madrid Río Park

A less popular alternative to the Retiro is Madrid Río, a modern park built along a stretch of the Manzanares River.

This park is very close to the Matadero Madrid and has playgrounds for children, green areas, skating rinks, monuments and super photo-ready bridges for an impromptu shoot.

Where to go in Madrid when you're hungover - Madrid Río
Where to go in Madrid when you’re hungover – Madrid Río

Although Madrid Rio does not have such a central location, it is ideal for nature lovers, for recreation on a hangover day or to discover less-visited attractions of the Spanish capital.

7. Attend a Theatre Play

The cultural movement of Madrid is also noted on its many theatres, with works ranging from great musical productions to smaller, more intimate plays.

The best things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover - Go to the theatre
The best things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover – Go to the theatre

Yes, we know that surrounding yourself with people, music and applause does not sound very seductive when you are hungover, but focusing on another story will help you forget, at least for a moment, how bad you feel and if you can laugh in the process, better.

As a recommendation, instead of committing yourself to a long play and getting into a room at the top of its capacity, you could go to the Microteatro Madrid in Malasaña and see a 15-minute piece for 15 spectators to entertain you without overwhelming you.

8. Walk Around Casa de Campo

If you like nature but on your own terms, a very good option is to walk through the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

Things to visit in Madrid when you have a hangover - Casa de Campo
Things to visit in Madrid when you have a hangover – Casa de Campo

This huge park has more than 1500 hectares that include a lake, a zoo, sports areas and the Madrid Amusement Park, although it is likely that you should stay away from roller coasters if you are hungover.

Casa de Campo also has many free trails that you can walk at your own pace, admiring the landscape and its biodiversity without following a tourist tour.

During the summer, it is also possible to use the Casa de Campo pool, but keep in mind that it is usually quite crowded.

9. Go to a Pool or Terrace

Terraceo is as common as tapas in Madrid, especially in summer, so you’ll have a whole range of terraces to choose from.

Among the best things to do in Madrid when you have a hangover, you cannot miss seeing the city from the terrace of a hotel like Room Mate Oscar while listening to lounge music and drinking a Gin Tonic or the drink of your choice.

In addition, the terraces of the most exclusive hotels usually have a pool and we assure you that you will appreciate it when the city temperatures exceed 30ºC.

10. Party again

Finally, to overcome the hangover or, at least, forget it for a moment, you have to dare to go out again, at your own pace.

We are not saying that you should mix a hangover with another, but if you return to surround yourself with the friendliness of the people of Madrid, good music, food and a couple of drinks, you will surely have a better time than sleeping inside the four walls of your hotel room.

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